Sunday, May 1, 2011

Modif Vespa Stretch Scooter concept rebuild

Glad to be the center of attention? Looks like you deserve to have a Vespa scooter output of this one. How not automatic Vespa in South Africa are sold in a version of the limousine. Why how come?

Because of the unusual size, the Vespa can carry four people at once! And this might be a Vespa scooter in the world's longest mass-produced manufacturers.

Stretch Vespa scooter is named Scooter. The shape is not much different with automatic Vespa circulating in Indonesia, only, this Vespa two times longer than normal Vespa. Likewise, the Vespa is still using two wheels.

Well, if you want to walk in the afternoon with your lover, the Vespa is ready to lift the prospective in-laws (camer) at once! Maybe that the camer'll love you. How much does it cost? Unfortunately, not yet discovered how much amount required to redeem this Vespa.
At least, for you penghobby modification, this model may be your own creations.

sumber,auto-modifikasi trend motor and car.

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