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Choosing and Caring Roller Right To Motor Matic

Choosing and Caring Roller Right To Motor Matic

Matic roller on the motor function is to put pressure on the variator to the possible exit variator can open and give a rim diameter greater changes to the belt drive so that the motor can move. Variator performance is greatly determined by the roller, both rollers form and materials, and most important is the weight of the roller.

The form must either roller is round, perfectly round shape and facilitate the movement of the variator, when the shape is not round, then it's time to replace your motor matic Roller. The materials used are usually made ​​of teflon because it is slippery, hard, and heat resistance.
Improve Aselerasi and Top Speed
Due to the roller is very influential to the change of variables from the variator, it will greatly affect the performance of the motor matic. Top Speed ​​Aselerasi and difficult to obtain simultaneously in a motor matic kitchen runway without improving performance. In her "who tinkers' roller, you will only be faced with the choice:" Aselerasi "or" Top Speed ​​".
When we travel frequently within the city, past the congestion, the condition of the "stop and go", and the distance is not too far away, your choice should be that Aselerasi. Aselerasi would be better if the roller has a lower weight. For example, if the standard weight of the roller used is 13 gram, you will get this sensation by using a roller aselerasi 12 Gram.
But if you frequently travel between cities with large distances or even touring with a colleague - someone you know. Top Speed ​​is more suitable options are used. Same as the above case, a better top speed you will gain by replacing the roller with a weight heavier than the standard, such as 14 Grams. Cleaning Roller
Cleaning Roller is also required at regular intervals, using gasoline and a brush, you can remove the dust and dirt. Matic for some types of motors that require lubrication (grease) on the roller, requiring inspection and maintenance more often than not using lubrication. Simultaneously Aselerasi and Topspeed
Currently, I use a somewhat unusual roller, roller that is not round. Roller that I use now is the production of Dr. Pulley from Taiwan, called the Sliding Roller. Using the combined weight of 12 and 13 grams, the attraction was more evenly on the initial pull, aselerasi, and at high speed. Aselerasi and decelerations are also quite amazing ...
Roller is quite unique, the price is up to 12 times that of ordinary roller. Materials that are used somewhat more durable, according to the author he calls this teflon material as SL-9. After one year more, and walk as far as 25,000 Kilometers, Roller conditions are still pretty good. May still be used up to 2 years.

Dr. Roller. These pulleys are available for various brands scooter matic that circulated in Europe and Taiwan like the Yamaha Majesty (125 and 250), Honda, Kymco, Suzuki Skywave 250, Piaggio, Scooter GY6 Based (Kymco, SYM), Gillera, Aprilia, Malaguti, Peugeot.

For some types Scooter Matic residing in Indonesia can also be applied: Honda Vario, Suzuki Spin 125, and Kymco all kinds matic (Trend 125, Trend SR 125, Easy / Easy JR 100, Free LX 110, Free EX / ECX / MX 100, Dink 150 Grand Dink 250, and the Xciting 500).

Idea Construction, Materials, and Forms of Sliding Roller Dr. Pulley has been patented by the inventor, and has been circulated to the countries of Europe and America.

Performance Test Results:

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