Thursday, September 15, 2011

Care tips for long-lasting motor

Touring prices brake pedal bike cbr 150 seleknew quick way to learn the motor clutchliquid octane enhancer it is nice not to motorcycle mx cw per clutch yamaha v-Ixion wear tiger honda supra x rear box modification specialist Kawasaki KLX 150 cc honda cbr Vega ZR wearing full motorcycle exhaust shogun body fairing for Honda CBR250R repson what dirt bike will be out 2012As the capital of transport that can break through traffic congestion, motorcycles are second to none. However, optimum performance, you should never ignore motor maintenance.Here's a tip easy to care for the motor:1. Check the condition of oil, because oil is essential to lubricate the engine components, such as the handlebar piston, piston, and piston rings, crankshaft and valve Noken or handlebar. If the lubricating oil is blackish color or power lumasnya spasticity is reduced, then it should immediately be replaced with oil according to manufacturer's recommendations.2. Check the battery condition. Do not allow battery acid through a maximum and minimum could result in accelerated damage to the battery cells. Add the battery in the morning. Immediately replace if the battery or the battery has begun to weaken.3. Check the chain and gears. Do not let the chain is too loose or too tight. Also check the condition of gear, if it is sharp because, if not immediately replace the chain can suddenly drop out.4. Check the coil and spark plug wires. Immediately replace the cable that seems to get old enough and a lot of visible cracks and hardening on the cable. Do not forget to note the presence of spark plugs because the plugs are very vital for the smooth operation of a vehicle engine.5. Note the fuel hose. Do not let the condition of the fuel line hardens or cracks occur, because the inside of the hose can be elastic and the result is not derived from the powder hose dirt washed into the carburetor.6. Heat engines for two minutes. Heat the engine before the motor can be run so that the circulation of oil in the engine to lubricate all moving parts.7. Check your tire pressure. Do not be too hard and also not less because the motor can result in tire damage.8. Always use original spare parts.

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